Interview Tips

Step 1
Before The Interview

Do some research. Find out as much about the company you are interviewing with as possible. Some great places to do research are the web, your local library, and industry contacts. Some of the information you should gather is:
- Size of the company in employees and revenue. Both internationally and locally.
- Key product lines or services.
- Key contacts within the organization
- Who are their competitors
- Current news items
- Current distribution channels
- Marketing initiatives

Make a list of questions you feel you may be asked, and rehearse your responses. You may want to have a friend do a mock interview with you.

Step 2
During The Interview

It's the age old adage. You never get a second chance to make the first impression. Arrive on time. Dress for success. Be confident. Listen attentively to the questions and respond professionally. Take notes if appropriate. Allow your body language to show "presence" and "poise". When asked if you have any questions, make sure you are prepared and ask questions that are relevant to the company and the position. Upon concluding the interview ask about the next step in the process, and their timeline for hiring. Thank them for their time.

Step 3
After The Interview

If you are genuinely interested in the opportunity make sure you tell the interviewer.

Write thank-you letters to all of the interviewers.




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