Search Process

At Recruiters Group our all encompassing Search Process leaves no stone unturned. Once we have established specific candidate criteria from you, including: skills, experience, education, and character analysis as well as hidden talents like presence and attitude, we can initiate the search process.

Actions for the process include researching your company, your industry, and investigating the players and the competitors. We access both internal and external databases, perform direct sourcing and contact, web research, and mass e-mail. We utilize industry contacts, and advertise in appropriate newspapers, websites, or trade journals. It is a combination of these actions that uncover the "blue chip" candidates you are looking to hire. Most importantly you, the client, are kept fully informed of the process as it progresses.

Once prospective candidates have been un-covered a "short list" of names is presented. These are the most qualified of candidates that most appropriately match the candidate criteria. It is at this point that significant dialogue takes place between RGI and the client to determine which of the candidates will go forth to the interviewing stage.

When you are ready to hire we can assist, or spearhead the negotiation process. Salary, benefit programs, bonuses, and relocation packages can all be presented to the prospective candidate. We can also assist in counter offers.

A comprehensive guarantee that replaces a candidate free of charge is also offered as part of the Recruiters Group Search Process.


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